Pranit aan het woord


I work as Software Developer for the product Eduarte at Iddink Group. Usually my daily activities are coding and working on development processes in Eduarte. What makes my job extra fun is the team. Collaboration with all of my colleagues is really good, all of them are really fun, helpful and appreciate each others’ work. We usually have lunch together and have fun chats. Along with that Iddink Group also organizes a lot of fun activities. 

Being the only not dutch speaking employee on my team, the way Iddink Group has helped me in working in a complete Dutch environment is really appreciating and surprising.

Experimenting with new technologies

I chose to work for Iddink Group specifically because of the vision about transforming Eduarte using new technologies, which is in line with my interests. We have a lot of freedom in experimenting with new technologies and I keep myself updated with online learning and tutorials. Our management supports us for attending development and technical conferences and meetups which helps a lot in personal development.

Making a difference

I am proud that I am part of developing an educational product. Even though we are not directly involved but it really makes a difference in the field of education and e-learning.

Open sollicitatie

Icoontjes van verschillende koffie soorten

We zijn nieuwsgierig naar jou!

Staat jouw droombaan niet tussen onze vacatures, maar zie je wel een match tussen jou en ons?  Stuur dan een open sollicitatie. Vertel ons wie je bent en laat vooral weten waarom juist jij Iddink Group naar een hoger niveau tilt met jouw persoonlijkheid en kennis. Maak je ons nieuwsgierig, dan gaan we zeker een keertje koffie drinken!


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